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Misinformed About the Affordable Care Act? Leveraging Certainty to Assess the Prevalence of Misperceptions

with Gaurav Sood and Jon A. Krosnick. 2015. Journal of Communication 65(4), 660-673. doi:10.1111/jcom.12165

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When Will Nonprobability Surveys Mirror Probability Surveys? Considering Types of Inference and Weighting Strategies as Criteria for Correspondence

2016.  International Journal of Public Opinion Research. 28 (2), 269-291. doi: 10.1093/ijpor/edv016

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Assessing the carrying capacity of Twitter and online news

with S. Mo Jang.   2015. Mass Communication and Society 18(5), 577-598.

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Following and Predicting Elections: Tracking the Tools to Pool the Polls

2015. Public Opinion Quarterly 79(2) 594-619. doi: 10.1093/poq/nfu060.

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Roger Tourangeau et al., eds. Hard-to-Survey Populations. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. 2014. 648 pp. $120.00 (cloth).

2015. Public Opinion Quarterly 79(2), 626-628. doi: 10.1093/poq/nfv019.

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When do people feel free to reject science?

Researchers have long associated incorrect beliefs about science with a lack of scientific literacy.  Recent work has revealed that some individuals may know the scientific consensus but nonetheless reject it.  Thus far, it remains unclear whether individuals who know and … Continue reading

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What motivates a conspiracy theory? Birther beliefs, partisanship, liberal-conservative ideology, and anti-Black attitudes

with Tobias H. Stark, Jon A. Krosnick, Trevor Tompson. Forthcoming. Electoral Studies. doi: 10.1016/j.electstud.2014.09.009.

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Social Media in Public Opinion Research: Executive Summary of the Aapor Task Force on Emerging Technologies in Public Opinion Research

with Joe Murphy, Michael W. Link, Jennifer Hunter Childs, Casey Langer Tesfaye, Elizabeth Dean, Michael Stern, Jon Cohen, Mario Callegaro, and Paul Harwood. 2014. Public Opinion Quarterly. 78(4), 788-794. doi: 10.1093/poq/nfu053.

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Racial Divide in Views of Ferguson Ahead of Grand Jury Announcement

White and Black Americans couldn’t be more divided when it comes to perceptions of what happened or what should happen in Ferguson.  Our survey of views on Ferguson just appeared in the Detroit Free Press.  Additional data is available here.     … Continue reading

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Ferguson Data

Additional Methodological Information For: Regarding Ferguson, Blacks and Whites are Worlds Apart Data Data were collected by Qualtrics from a sample provided by Clearvoice surveys research.  Questions about Ferguson appeared near the end of a 20 minute survey. 3,730 individuals … Continue reading

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