Evaluating Information and Analyzing Media

University of Michigan – Over two sequential semesters, Evaluating Information and Analyzing Media explores first the basic fundamentals of the development of knowledge, theories, evidence and the collection of data in both social science and analytic media research. The first … Continue reading

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Quantitative Methods Across the Social Sciences

University of Michigan – This graduate-level course takes a broad look at quantitative data collection and analysis techniques used across the social sciences.  Each week, we explore a specific technique (or a related set of techniques) to understand how the technique … Continue reading

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Evaluating Information

University of Michigan – Comm 211 is the quantitative reasoning course in the Communication Studies curriculum. This course teaches the fundamental thinking skills necessary for the critical evaluation of scientific arguments.  The course introduces logic and quantitative reasoning concepts and … Continue reading

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Social Media and Politics

University of Michigan – Today social media have become an integral part of the political process.  Candidates tweet to constituents and political revolutions are organized on Facebook.  But what kind of a change does social media represent?  Or is it … Continue reading

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Debating Politics and Science

University of Michigan – Scientific issues have often formed the basis for political debates.  But translating science into public policy can be a messy business.  As journalists, policy makers, and citizens encounter scientific research, well-established findings are often a matter … Continue reading

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