Real-World Use and Self-Reported Health Outcomes of a Patient-Designed Do-it-Yourself Mobile Technology System for Diabetes: Lessons for Mobile Health

with Joyce M. Lee, Mark W. Newman, Achamyeleh Gebremariam, Preciosa Choi, Dana Lewis, Weston Nordgren, John Costik, James Wedding, Benjamin West, Nancy Benovich Gilby, Christopher Hannemann, Ashley Garrity, and Emily Hirschfeld. 2017. Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics. 19(4). doi:10.1089/dia.2016.0312.

When Will Twitter Data Mirror Survey Data?

Survey data have long served as our central method for understanding the attitudes and behaviors of the public.  Recently, however, some researchers have suggested that data from online social networking sites may be able to occupy this same space.  In a number of projects, with multiple colleagues, I am working to…