As a leading expert in the design, analysis, and interpretation of social research projects, Prof. Pasek has experience working with surveys, experiments, social media analyses, and other forms of social measurement. His expertises in measurement, data collection, and data integration can be of value for a variety of purposes, including providing expert testimony in legal cases, assisting corporate clients and marketing firms with the design and provision of appropriate data, and aiding governmental officials who are hoping to understand public opinions and behaviors.

Some previous consulting projects include:

  • Testimony to a state legislature on the implications of ballot design
  • Assisting in statistical analyses of multinational survey projects
  • Designing projects for tracking international media attention to key topics
  • Assisting major survey firms with question design and analysis
  • Assisting on class action legal cases to estimate payment and damages due
  • Providing guidance for governmental agencies seeking to incorporate multiple forms of data into analyses

If you are interested in possible work in this arena, please contact me at [email protected].