with Joe Murphy, Michael W. Link, Jennifer Hunter Childs, Casey Langer Tesfaye, Elizabeth Dean, Michael Stern, […]
White and Black Americans couldn’t be more divided when it comes to perceptions of what happened […]
Additional Methodological Information For: Regarding Ferguson, Blacks and Whites are Worlds Apart Data Data were collected […]
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with Daniel Schneider, Jon A. Krosnick, Alexander Tahk, Eyal Ophir and Claire Milligan. 2014. Public Opinion Quarterly […]
The link below contains replication files for Predicting Elections: Considering Tools to Pool the Polls: https://joshpasek.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/ReplicationCodePOQPollAggregation.r
with Joe Murphy, Michael W. Link, Casey Langer Tesfaye, Elizabeth Dean, Michael Stern, Jon Cohen, and Mario Callegaro. […]
with Tobias H. Stark, Jon A. Krosnick, Trevor Tompson, and B. Keith Payne. 2014. Public Opinion Quarterly 78(S1) […]
Replication data for Twitter Stimulus Response Paper. TwitterStimulusResponseDataset
with Eric Chen, Gábor Simonovits, and Jon Krosnick. 2014. Electoral Studies 35, 115-122. doi:10.1016/j.electstud.2014.04.018.